We Support Kevin McCarty for Sacramento Mayor

Stephanie Nguyen
State Assemblymember

“I’m proud to endorse Kevin McCarty. His proven ability to foster collaboration with all of our region’s leaders makes him the ideal candidate to lead city hall and tackle our community’s pressing issues of homelessness, public safety, cost of housing, and our overall improvement of our community’s quality of life.”

Caity Maple
Sacramento Vice Mayor

“Kevin McCarty played a pivotal role in obtaining crucial funds to revitalize the Oak Park Farmers Market. The market serves as a vital community hub, addressing the challenge of food deserts by ensuring access to fresh, high-quality produce. When it comes to delivering results, Kevin's commitment to prioritizing programs that strengthen neighborhoods makes him the best choice for Mayor."

Karina Talamantes
Sacramento Mayor Pro Tem

"I strongly endorse Kevin McCarty for Mayor. Kevin has proven time and again that he shows up in our communities, listens to their concerns, and works with them on real solutions. That is the type of leadership that works in City Hall."

Dolores Huerta
Civil Rights Leader

“I’m proud to support Kevin McCarty for Mayor. He has always been on the front lines of economic empowerment for workers by ensuring they have the dignity of a fair wage and safe working conditions.”

Dave Jones
State Insurance Commissioner (ret,)

“I wholeheartedly endorse and strongly support Kevin McCarty for Mayor. Our great city has many challenges, and we require a bold leader capable of uniting everyone together to enact innovative solutions to our most urgent problems. Kevin embodies the bold leadership we need in city hall”

Ken Lazzarini
Veteran Advocate

"Kevin McCarty's unwavering dedication to supporting veterans has been remarkable. His efforts in establishing veteran resource centers at community colleges are instrumental in aiding those who have selflessly served our nation. I strongly support Kevin McCarty for Mayor.”

Manuel Buenrostro
Member, Sacramento Community
Police Review Commission

“I’ve seen Kevin McCarty in the State Assembly work towards innovative solutions to fighting crime and reducing recidivism. As Mayor, I know he will collaborate with all our public safety leaders on similar local initiatives to keep our neighborhoods safe."

Amanda Wilcox
Gun Safety Advocate

"Kevin McCarty recognized more than a decade ago that gun violence is a public health crisis. He wrote several effective gun safety laws at the City and State level that help keep our neighborhoods and families safe."

George Marley
Jr. Giants Coach

"Kevin McCarty founded the Sacramento Jr. Giants youth baseball program 20 years ago, which has provided valuable life skills to thousands of kids who cannot afford traditional little leagues. I can't think of a better person to continue his work to expand opportunities for Sacramento’s youth than Kevin McCarty in the mayor's office."

Tido Thac Hoang
Chair, Vietnamese American Community of Sacramento (VACOS)

"Kevin McCarty created the vibrant Little Saigon Stockton Boulevard business district over a decade ago, empowering and supporting the local Vietnamese community. His efforts not only fostered economic growth but also strengthened cultural ties and unity. There is no doubt that Kevin would make an outstanding Mayor."

Anne Irwin
Founder & Director, Smart Justice California

"From day one, Kevin McCarty has been a steadfast champion of smart criminal justice reforms that reduce recidivism, improve community safety and deliver on our justice system's promise of fairness and equal treatment for all."

Nick Lapis
Hollywood Park Resident
Director of Advocacy, Californians Against Waste

"I've collaborated closely with Kevin McCarty on pivotal environmental initiatives aimed at tackling the climate crisis. Kevin has been a champion and an outstanding advocate for safeguarding our environment. We need Kevin in the Sacramento Mayor’s office to continue his great work and steer our city towards a sustainable future.

Isaac Gonzalez
President, Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association

"I’ve collaborated closely with Kevin McCarty on local issues for more than a decade. Time and time again, Kevin demonstrates his dedication to neighborhoods by taking decisive actions to solve problems. Kevin is knowledgeable, accessible, and consistently responsive to the concerns of our neighbors. That’s why I support Kevin for Sacramento Mayor."

Marbella Sala
President, Gardenland-Northgate Neighborhood Association

"Kevin McCarty is deeply committed to our communities and exceptionally responsive. When I reached out to Kevin for assistance in creating a much needed neighborhood pocket park in the Gardenland-Northgate area for our kids, Kevin enthusiastically joined our efforts, playing a pivotal role in turning our park vision into a reality. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin for Mayor.”

Robin Moore
Founder & CEO, Safe Harbor Housing

"Kevin McCarty is an effective champion for the underserved. He worked with my organization to expand transitional housing through tiny home shelters for the unhoused. He understands the importance of community non-profits in bringing needed changes to our city. Kevin gets real results and I fully support his campaign for Mayor.”

Martin Rosenberg
Past President, Friends of Colonial Heights Library

“Kevin has always been focused on making sure our city’s amenities work for all residents. Our libraries, parks, community pools, and other facilities need a champion like Kevin as Mayor.”

Rachel Iskow
Past President, Sacramento Housing Alliance

“Sacramento has an affordable housing crisis. That’s why we need leaders like Kevin McCarty who have initiated innovative ideas like adaptive reuse to transform vacant state office buildings into housing. His work is already paying dividends with the old downtown EDD building set to create hundreds of new affordable housing units.”

Corey Brown
American River Parkway Advocate

“Kevin McCarty stepped up to protect our beloved American River Parkway. He authored laws to end illegal camping in the parkway and secure $25 million to build emergency housing at Cal Expo to help those in need get shelter. His work protects this ecosystem and preserves a public place for all of us.”

Kristi Morioka
Pocket Area PTA Leader

“After school programs are vital for families and the comprehensive education of our kids. Kevin McCarty wrote laws to expand access to these programs and as Mayor he’ll ensure that youth programs thrive for years to come.”

Sylvia Rodriguez
Member, Sacramento First 5 Advisory Committee

“Kevin’s long time leadership on preschool and childcare has been critical and is helping millions of kids throughout the state. There is no one better than Kevin McCarty to serve as our Mayor and expand quality early education programs to all families.